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Derbyshire offers some of the most delightful terrain and views unrivalled in Britain, around each and every corner we find hidden features such as gentle streams and ornate bridges.

Part of the region featured in our walk books, is covered by the Peak District National Park, the first of its kind in the British Isles.  Walking along the edges in the Peak affords panoramic views covering miles of astounding countryside.  Surrounding the national park boundary the land offers easy walking across grassy meadows, or beside restored canals that were once the arteries of the Industrial Revolution.  Green lanes, drovers routes, and the odd disused railway track can transport the mind back to times gone by whilst sadly now being slowly engulfed by an ever growing urban area.

Walking at an easy pace whilst taking in your surroundings brings great enjoyment, allowing you to use your senses to wallow in birdsong, freshly mown grass and wild meadow flowers.

Walking is therefore for everyone, old and young, fit and not quite so fit, so go out and enjoy the walks in this book.

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